Went out a driving this morning. The only reason my earnings were decent was due to surge pricing. Of course, you know I find "surge pricing" as offensive as can be. Over $90.00 in surge alone. I think of who got ripped off by my hand.

There was this little cute blond girl, who from the sounds of the conversation being held between the riders behind me, was falling for the line the guy beside her was feeding her about giving her a job that she desperately needs. Yes, honey get a job to pay that trip across the bridge that usually cost you less than $30.00. Tonight it costs her $93.00.

Then there is the UberPool Riders. First, I think UberPool sucks. The first rider does not want to take a 3 hour tour while you locate the second rider. And, there is not a one of them that hopes to get the second rider. It is frustrating as heck. They will drop $100.00 on food, booze, and dope . . . But, cannot seem to find $20.00 to pay for a 30 minute ride with "yours truly" here. Well, I was ready to throw the lot of them out . . . But, it wasn't so much the UberPool.It is the lack of respect and pay from Uber that is pissing me off.

I said this in another article I wrote yesterday. Uber has lost the Ride-Hail Race. Not because of rates, but because Uber is fast becoming just another Cab Company. Between Uber "shills" on our web sites telling us how we are the lowest common denominator and the fact we now get paid "dirt" for earnings, now I suddenly understand the cab drivers. Well, Uber is fast becoming the next Cab Company to a neighborhood near you. Seriously! We no longer take the time to be friendly, helpful, or concerned. We are quick becoming surly and argumentative. And, we are all driving around with a "FU" attitude towards even each other. Who do we sound like? Does it sound like a Cab Company to you?

This is a serious issue. What set us apart, what made us enjoy the job, was that we are different. We got paid better, we drove better cars, our cars were cleaner, we were cleaner, and we were friendly, helpful, and concerned. Being a Uber Driver used to be cool. What changed us? What changed us was being treated like we were a disposable resource that didn't make a difference to the job is what changed us, and I do not like it one damn bit. The pride we used to have when we said we drive Uber, has been stripped away along with our pay.

Travis Kalanick did not build Uber. Yes, he brought the app and the money, but the Uber Drivers mane Uber cool, cool made Uber popular. And, this is how Uber has grown to a world-wide corporation. Uber can fix the driver issues just by treating the Drivers fairly and letting Drivers have a piece of the pie like any other respectable technology company. This is the first technology company I have ever worked with where all of those employed, including contract employees were not provided a profit sharing option, which is a shame as I am sure most drivers would enjoy such privilege. Regardless, Drivers must remember that arguments over tips and wages are between the Drivers and Uber. We should not take our anger out on our Riders. Go out there and drive like the cool Uber driver you were yesterday and it will all work out sometime in the future.