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Earn *extra* income while driving your passengers!

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  • Earn *extra* income while driving your passengers!

    Earn *extra* income while driving your passengers! It is very simple... Recommend Tourist New App to your passengers and receive 10% referral commission from guided tours. Sign-up as a Referrer and we will automatically send money to your PayPal. Why chat about politics or baseball, use your valuable time with your passengers on getting *more* income today! Search app stores for Tourist New App

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    Well... just think about it... while you're driving your passenger... what else can you do? That time duration is "dead" to you... And if your passenger is a NYC tourist and they want to explore say Central Park, then why not give them a valuable tip and referrer this app? What do you have to lose? And when they choose you as a referrer as they order a guided tour and then they pay for it... your PayPal gets 10% commission deposited into it. What is your cost? You're working anyways...


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      and the app remembers you as a Referrer for the next time they order another tour anywhere else...