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    Well am incident happen after the Hollowen Some Rider Decided To Throw Up Inside My Car It Was 1 Am So As Soon As The gets out in a rush I took pictures of the mess and send it to uber the first response was OK they said have it cleaned and send photo of the bill so that's what I did within 48 hrs so I called in a cleaner and got my car clean so the same day around during 9 pm I tried to make trip but it was cut short cause of the smell is still inside the car so went back and got it cleaned again (Monday) after along day of waiting the car to dry again I tried to go back and make trip but surprisingly my claim of cleaning fee was denied because they said it didn't cause enough damaged to interrupt the trip they keep on sending this not enough down time so they can't reimburse me for the cleaning fee now I'm not only getting rip off by this people that every time a different person will answer your email and the policy for cleaning fee I mean that it said u have to be this much down time for you to get reimburse I'm running a business here people of course I'll minimized my down time but that doesn't mean anybody can disrespect my property and gets away like nothing happen now they don't want to reply on my email I just notice they only answer email question whenever they feel like this really pissed me off this people are not being professionals