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What is the Best Dash Cam?

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  • What is the Best Dash Cam?

    Hi, I have had a dash cam for a while. now that I drive for Uber. I feel its even more important. However, the current one that I have does not have a rear facing camera. I have thought about the 360 degree cams... Just don't like the price. I'll pull the trigger if I know a few of you have the same and like them. I want something with a lot of memory or some expanding memory. and some degree of low light. I drive mainly at night.

    Thanks Steve J.

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    I have been using a two lens solution by The Original Dash Cam. They have a website I have the Twister X on there site. It takes removable memory card and I keep extra card with me incase something happens I remove that card and place the backup in so I do not accidentally record over it. Here is the one I have 4SK909X TwisterX.
    The 4SK909 - Twister is an adjustable dual camera device that twists 320 degrees. Records on to a 2-32 Gigabyte Micro SD card.